Modularbank is now Tuum.

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The modular platform for seamless banking

Our mission

Tuum is heralding a new era in financial services. We believe that launching unique, customer-centric products should be fast and straightforward, not complicated, risky and expensive; that is why we have built a next-generation core banking platform which makes this belief a reality. Combining business know-how with advanced technology, our team of fintech pioneers are breaking down the barriers inhibiting digital innovation in banking to allow any business to launch exciting new financial products and services.

Modularity is a key concept of our business model; you choose the specific modules you need, and we then get to work on powering your new capabilities from within. Our platform is lean and highly configurable, opening up a range of possibilities for launching unique propositions in a matter of weeks. We believe in working with and for our clients. Tuum is your trusted business partner as you innovate, scale, and progress, together with us, into the future of finance.

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