Modularbank is now Tuum.

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Our story

Tuum’s story begins in Estonia, a country which, from humble beginnings, has transformed into being recognized as the most advanced digital nation in the world. In this digital society, five Estonian banking technology pioneers launched a modular core banking platform that is API-first, cloud-agnostic and highly configurable without coding. Combining business know-how with advanced technology, they set out to break down the barriers inhibiting digital innovation in banking. In this, they have been successful: Tuum currently powers clients ranging from large multinational banks to emerging fintech and SMEs by getting to the heart of their business and supercharging them from within. We believe launching customer-centric financial services should be fast and straightforward. We are the innovation engine powering the next generation of financial services.

Management Team

Vilve Vene photo

Vilve Vene

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

Rivo Uibo photo

Rivo Uibo

Chief Business Officer and Co-founder

Jan Lakspere photo

Jan Lakspere

Chief Product Officer and Co-founder

Ove Kreison photo

Ove Kreison

Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder

Jüri Kirme photo

Jüri Kirme

Senior Solution Architect and Co-founder

Kalli Kulla photo

Kalli Kulla

Head of Marketing and Communications

Quentin Barria photo

Quentin Barria

VP of Sales

Kadri Mäe photo

Kadri Mäe

Head of People

Julien Douve photo

Julien Douve

Global Head of Alliances and Partnerships

Krista Einola photo

Krista Einola

Head of Implementation

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