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Our core banking platform has been carefully developed with agility and flexibility in mind. Modularity is a key concept in our design; you choose only the capabilities you need and, like a multi-tool, we provide you with the most appropriate choice of technology to supercharge your business from within. The platform is API-first and built around a microservices architecture, ensuring quick and simple integration. It is powered by a mighty workflow engine and, while pre-configured workflows mean that you are ready to go in an instant, you can always define your own workflows to suit the way your business operates.


  • Our banking core module essentially forms the ‘heart’ of every bank. It is the back-end system that processes banking transactions and keeps track of customers’ money. The banking core enables a wide range of functions from opening current accounts, (both single and multi-currency) to defining the lifecycle of the account and keeping track of all transactions on the account. There are no limits in defining interest calculation, service fee, or any other rules for an account type, either for a specific customer segment or even for a certain customer. Unlike in other core banking systems, setting up or amending rules can be done easily by frontline bank customer service staff in mere minutes. Absolutely no coding is required.


  • We have the capability to fully integrate with your existing CRM system. In addition, we also offer our own CRM to store information and keep track of relations with all connected parties such as customers, partners, contact persons, and others.


  • The backbone of our platform is its mighty workflow engine. Our standard workflows can be fully adapted to fit the individual way your business operates. If needed, the workflows can be changed on the fly without any interruption to your business. Every instance of the workflow can be monitored to quickly detect problems and solve them easily.


  • Our platform is based on a microservices architecture and is designed specifically to run on the cloud. It gives high availability and scalability, not only on the platform level, but also on the individual module level. This means that individual modules can horizontally scale depending on usage and demand.

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