Tuum partners with DLT Finance AG to provide access to regulated digital asset brokerage and custody

Tuum, the next generation core banking platform, has announced a new partnership with the digital asset infrastructure provider DLT Finance, enabling Tuum’s clients to access brokerage and custody services for digital assets.

Tuum’s API-first and modular core banking platform enables financial institutions to build and scale their business by quickly rolling out new financial products, from accounts and lending to payments and cards. The partnership with DLT Finance AG allows Tuum also to offer its clients access to a regulated infrastructure for brokerage and custody of digital assets. Financial institutions and FinTechs that build on Tuum’s platform can now access the digital asset markets securely through DLT Finance’s state-of-the-art and BaFin-regulated technology infrastructure.

Combining business know-how with advanced technology, they set out to break down the barriers inhibiting digital innovation in banking. The new partnership with DLT Finance AG enables Tuum to additionally offer regulated access to the digital asset market to its clients.

DLT Finance AG’s “crypto-as-a-service” infrastructure allows regulated and reliable digital asset brokerage and custody. In combination with Tuum’s client-centric and disruptive approach to modular banking, a mutually beneficial partnership is formed.

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