How to Choose the Right Core Banking Provider


The financial services sector is under pressure; long-term low interest rates, regulatory complexities, high capital requirements, changing consumer expectations…

All of this results in an industry that is looking at the need for digital transformation with renewed urgency. Fortunately, a new generation of core banking providers has emerged.

This whitepaper is both an exploration of new technologies and a guide on making the right procurement decisions.

With this information, executives from both technological and business backgrounds can make the right choices to accelerate their digital transformation and thrive in changing times.

The whitepaper dives into following topics


The Financial Services

Industry Landscape

  • Customers Expectations
  • Regulatory Changes
  • Emergance of New Competitors
  • Tech Debt from Internal Bank IT Platforms
  • Structural No-Growth Environment Limits

Technology behind

Banking Innovations

  • Microservices
  • Cloud Computing
  • APIs

New Business

Models in Finance

  • Intelligent Digital Bank
  • Infrastructure Provider
  • Demand Aggregator
  • Ecosystem Orchestrator

Tech Procurement


  • Customisation vs Configuration
  • Functional Coverage
  • A Gradual Approach
  • Banking Licence
  • Establishing Cost
  • Cloud vs On-prem
  • Aligning Tech with Objectives


Case Studies

  • Core Banking Overhaul in major Finnish financial institution.
  • New banking core launched within a 5 month timeframe.
  • Lending module implementation let to rapid portfolio growth.

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