It’s Time to Build! Webcast: Episode 2 Feat. Utopia Music

Coinciding with the release of our whitepaper, Tuum and Ross Republic have launched the “It’s Time to Build!’ webcast, a three-part series exploring some of the key findings in our report, featuring speakers from some of the most exciting and innovative players in the financial services industry.

In episode one, we invited Simon Ousager of Januar, the compliant gateway to the new digital economy for crypto businesses and institutional investors, to discuss some of the key shifts in the financial services industry.

In the second episode, moderator Adrian Klee of Ross Republic is joined by Kristian Luoma, CSO of Utopia Music, and Rivo Uibo, CBO and co-founder of Tuum. This episode dives into some of the technologies that are powering a fresh wave of innovation in the financial services sector, and explores some of the business models that are emerging as a result of improved technological capabilities.


Kristian Luoma, Utopia Music: a Swiss-based technology company that leverages big data in order to enhance the global music industry through increased revenues, reduced costs, accelerated payment cycles and improved insights while creating an ecosystem where music & tech foster creativity & joy.

Rivo Uibo, Tuum: a next-generation core banking technology provider. Its API-first, cloud-agnostic and highly configurable banking platform covers all retail and business banking processes, allowing banks, fintech startups or even non-financial companies to easily roll out customer-centric financial products and services. 

Adrian Klee, Ross Republic (Moderator): a specialised consultancy that accelerates digital transformation at B2B and financial services providers, from building digital capabilities and cultures to creating new revenue streams and innovative banking services.


00:00: Intro – Adrian Klee, Partner, Ross Republic

01:00: Intro – Kristian Luoma, CSO, Utopia Music

03:25: Intro – Rivo Uibo, CBO, Tuum

04:50: New Technologies Support Growth: An Overview

07:20: The Current Technological Landscape

16:05: Fundamental Technologies: Cloud, Microservices & APIs

30:00: Exploring Banks’ Struggles with Tech Debt

34:40: New Business Models in Era of Embedded Banking

47:20: FS Landscape: Long-Term Outlook